Career Map

Andrew Brownsword Hotels believe in continuous personal development, and we support all of our staff with training to succeed in their current roles, as well as learn new skills to drive their careers forward. We believe everyone has the ability to learn and progress within the business. We invest in all of our employees and empower them to take charge of their careers, by offering the resources and support they need, we hope each and everyone fulfils their potential. Aim to promote a culture of internal progression, so it’s important to us to ensure that staff are ready to progress to either management or if they want experience a different hospitality career route...


Andrew Brownsword Hotels offers a 12-month Apprentice Programme in each of our unique properties. The programme combines on-the-job-based learning, with an academic qualification, development days, trips to suppliers and personal development.. It's a bespoke programme designed to champion people who are passionate and enthusiastic about joining our industry. 

Applications for the programme open in April each year with the programme starting in September. If you want to receive updates on the programme please email your contact details to

A Day in the Life of the Kitchen Team at The Bath Priory



Brigade arrives in the kitchen, sets up section, then goes through the day’s deliveries.




Last orders for lunch. Time to clean down the kitchen, re-evaluate the prep lists and then push on for a break     



By now the kitchen is full of fresh vegetables, meat and fish. The stoves are full with sauces, braises and purees.




Back in off break set up for a busy dinner service. Senior chefs will double check everything before service starts.



Last push before service, clean down section. Set up for lunch and then a quick bite to eat. Senior chefs will check the purees, sauces and ice creams for service.


18.00 - 21.45

Evening service, sending out the finest dishes, to our discerning guests.



Service start, prep will continue until the first check comes in.



22.00 - 23.00

Start to clean the fridges and the rest of the kitchen. Write down prep lists and orders for the next day. Brigade is home, Senior Chefs finish ringing orders and checking fridges, kitchen closes.