Gender Pay Gap Narrative 2018

Published March 2019


  • Bath Priory Limited is a collection of 9 hotels located throughout England

  • The following narrative describes the gender pay gap from the group using the snapshot date of the 5th April 2018 as per the reporting regulations

  • It is important to note that the gender pay gap is not the same as equal pay for equal work


Our People Values

  • At Andrew Brownsword hotels we believe that every individual in our business can learn, develop and progress and are committed to a diverse workforce and gender equality

  • Our commitment to building a diverse workforce starts at the top of our business with a female CEO

  • We are committed to promoting from within and have numerous examples of progression throughout the business for all employee groups

  • We have a open and fair approach to recruitment and remuneration which is based on job role & locality, skill level and experience and is applied equally to all employee groups

  • We are currently expanding our development & training pathway which will be available equally to all employee groups

Group Management Structure

Board of Directors

Senior Management Team

Mean & Median Gender Pay Gap

Women's mean hourly rate is 2.9% lower than men's
In other words when comparing mean hourly rates women earn 97.1p for every £1 a man earns ( in 2017 this % was 4.1%).

Women's median hourly rate is 0.1% higher than men's
( in 2017 this number was 0.7%)

We recognise and are pleased that our positive practices and culture toward a diverse workforce  is reflected in the results reported on our mean and median pay gap which are significantly better than the national average for the accommodation & food sector.  The mean hourly rate has shown positive movement from 4.1% in 2017 to 2.9% in 2018.

We also however  recognise that we have opportunity to improve these further and will continue to review and develop all of our people practices , training & development and remuneration policies to do so.

Quartile Pay Gap

Our quartiles have a fairly even distribution with a higher percentage of women in the top quartile than the  lower quartile. We would hope to see more females progressing from the lower middle to the upper middle and top quartile in the coming years to help even these out further.

Bonus Pay Gap

Who received a bonus?
14.6% of women
12% of men

Difference in bonus pay
Women's mean bonus pay is 59.6% lower than men's
Women's median bonus pay is 4% lower than men's

The bonus pay gap is significant and is due to the limited bonus based pay structure that we operate as a group. The vast majority of our team are remunerated as salary and not on a bonus basis. We have  four group wide schemes which are:

  • A General Manager bonus scheme based purely on measured property performance annually

  • A recommend a friend recruitment scheme

  • Spa product sales incentive

  • A Chef bonus scheme

  • All of these schemes are available and measured equally to all in these employee groups

  • The results reflect the percentage of male  General Managers achieving bonus payments at a senior level against the smaller bonus payments for sales in some departments