The arrival of peacock chicks at Amberley Castle

The patter of tiny feet at Amberley Castle as resident peacocks Bob & Lilly become proud parents to four chicks.

The team at Amberley Castle is celebrating, following sharing news of the arrival of four brand new peacock chicks, offspring of Amberley’s resident pair Bob and Lilly.  Born at the start of July, the chicks are all doing well and are fast becoming the staff’s favourite pastime, checking up on their progress and ensuring they are the most pampered guests at the castle. 

Amberley's General Manager Piers said, “We only discovered Lilly was expecting, when assistant gardener Gregg went to seek her out, after a period of quiet where we hadn’t seen her in a while.  Hidden away in the garden, it was only when she chose to stretch her legs that Gregg could take a look at the nest to discover she was sitting on four eggs.  Then, the team endured what felt like forever, as we waited for them to hatch, with two first to arrive and the second two following two days later”. 

Piers continues, “All four are doing brilliantly – I can’t claim you’ll get as friendly a welcome from the chicks as from our staff, but we love having them here and are looking forward to them growing and blossoming.  Their parents are known to be partial to the crumbs from afternoon tea, and I have no doubt, this will be a trait passed on to their offspring – given half the chance and once courageous enough to explore"!

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